A message from Bernard Hirschel

I am the Chief of the HIV/AIDS Division at the Geneva University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, and an "AIDS dinosaur", having followed the AIDS epidemic for over 25 years. I first concentrated on the prevention of PCP and later on, the discovery of a novel pathogenic microorganism, mycobacterium genavense. With the advent of effective medications, my focus shifted to anti-retroviral therapy. My current interest is in novel treatment strategies, particularly planned interruption and simplification of anti-retroviral therapy. I've authored many papers, book chapters and a textbook on HIV infection, and am a member of several editorial boards and scientific societies. I also served on the editorial board of the New England Journal of Medicine from 1998 to 2006.

AIDS-images.ch is an attempt at organizing my collection of documents that illustrates the complications of HIV. Therapy has been so effective that younger colleagues do not often see these anymore and this is the very reason why this site will be useful to them.

Most images are from my own personal collection, accumulated during the AIDS epidemic from 1981 to 2006. I have acknowledged images given to me for this collection or those downloaded from the internet. In case there are errors or omissions in credit, I would be thankful for any corrections.

Use of AIDS-images.ch is free. I do not receive any financial compensation for my work on AIDS-images.ch. MSD's contribution has paid for the web design, without in any way influencing the content. I hope that users will be able to contribute their own interesting slides and contributions will be duly acknowledged, but not paid for.

Yours sincerely,
Bernard Hirschel, MD, PhD