Image Submissions

Instructions for potential contributors.

What to submit

1. Please check images already available on the site. The intention is to make the site as complete as possible, while keeping it lean by avoiding duplicate entries. As of July 2008, the following are lacking, or not well represented:

* Biliary diseases associated with HIV * Drug rashes on black skin * Hodgkin's disease * More on heart disease and pulmonary hypertension * Syphilis and HIV

2. Attachments to e-mails may not exceed a certain size, usually 1 to 15 MB. Many picture files, downloaded from scanners or digital cameras, are extremely large. However, these large files contain information that cannot be displayed on a computer screen or projected with a beamer. Therefore, the images can be compressed without visible loss of quality.

How to compress images:

In a Powerpoint file:

* Right click on any image in the file, * Click "image format", * Click "compress", * Click "apply to all images in the file", * Click "print" and leave a check mark on both options (image compression and delete cropped areas), * Click "ok".

Other image formats:

Load the images into Microsoft Picture Manager (supplied with Windows XP) * Click "modify images", * Click "compress images", * Click "documents", * Click "ok", * Click "save"

How to send your files

If your files total less than 10 megabytes, send them as an E-mail attachment to

In submitting your slides, you allow us to alter them as appropriate to match the content of this library. Please indicate the source of every image, or we cannot publish it. We cannot guarantee that we will publish all or any of your slides, and we will not publish images of recognizable people.